2020/2021 Senior Men’s Coach Announced – Adam Spiteri

2020/2021 Senior Men’s Coach Announced – Adam Spiteri

Burnside Springs United Cricket Club are pleased to formally announce the appointment of club stalwart Adam Spiteri as Senior Men’s coach for the upcoming 2020/21 season.

Adam has previously coached the club for 5 years including its inaugural season. Following a stint as club president Adam has reignited his coaching passion after 2 years coaching our successful women’s teams.

Adam is excited with the quality of juniors coming through and the opportunity to transition them into senior cricket. With the blend of youth & experience Adam is looking to provide the environment to achieve success in all grades at our club.

Join me in congratulating Adam as our Men’s Senior Coach as we look forward to the upcoming season.

Here is a brief outline of Adam’s philosophy for the 2020/21 season

Burnside Springs United Cricket Club is a truly unique club. The growth over the last 11 years has been staggering despite limited success in our 1ST eleven men’s side. As one of the founding members, I believe our success and growth is born from friendship and honesty – something I hope never changes. I have decided to take on this role because I believe in the talented group of players we have and the unbelievable juniors we have at this club. I would much rather focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t have and build a culture that rewards hard work.

Our Objectives

The ultimate aim is to win – that’s the objective of the game, however I am more interested in the small wins that create an environment that makes everyone feels welcome and has the confidence to work hard, make mistakes and know that their coach and team mates will be there to support them. Our main focus will be skill based improvement with a significant emphasis on fielding as a unit.

Junior Development

Under 16’s will train with the senior ranks throughout the season – as will select under 14’s players. There will be a significant emphasis on playing talented juniors in our senior ranks this season. They will not be gifted games – however they will be rewarded for effort.

Minimum Expectations

 Never say I can’t!
 Come to training with an objective.
 Ensure club apparel is worn to every training session and before every game – We are 1 team, we need to look like 1 team.
 Banter regarding performance is not acceptable at any time.
 No matter what, look after your team mates – win, lose or draw.

If these simple expectations are adhered to I will guarantee personal growth and most importantly fun environment.

As we gain further information regarding the current restriction we will announce coaches meetings to outline our preseason training plan.


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